Thursday, November 30, 2006

Jay Servidio Helped Me

“It was been my pleasure working with Jay and Teleteria, Inc. I was referred to them by a personal friend who had nothing but excellent things to say about the company. So, I got online and filled out the requested information to receive my web site packet.After reading the information and speaking to Jay personally, I was ready to do my website. The designer that I worked with was patient, professional, and courteous. He worked with me up until the point that I was 100% satisfied with the site, which showed excellent customer service. Additionally, Jay gave me a great deal incentive to get into the industry with my web page so that I could start making money now. He even allowed me to pay my remaining past due balance little by little because of the economic hardship situations that I was in. Further, he took it to the next level and got my site up and running so that I could start making that extra income revenue stream though my website.I plan to do more sites using Jay and Teleteria, Inc. and refer all my friends who want to get into the industry to the company.”

I'll be sure to refer people to everytime!

Brad R.

I had a difficult time having just gotten back from the Gulf War. My job was basically gone although it was supposed to still be there! A friend introduced me to Jay Servidio and told me all kinds of wonderful things that Teleteria did for him. I checked our and then I gave Jay Servidio a call.

I didn't have the full amount but in several easy payments, Jay Servidio worked with me. I have never worked with anyone as generous and kind as Servidio. He understood I had to take care of my wife and two kids first and this website was going to be pretty much our only source of income.

Teleteria designed my site quickly and then helped me market it. It couldn't have gone any smoother. Within a few months I was getting clients and that was only the beginning. I followed what Jay Servidio suggested in marketing and I did some "out of the box" thinking on my part and bam! We were no longer struggling!

I can't say thanks to Jay Servidio enough for his kindness. He is a good spirit!

Pvt. Allen V., Birmingham, AL